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The Perint containers are optimal for high-performance packaging equipment.

The high competition on the market of food products makes heads of enterprises to look for new solutions in the struggle for the consumer.

One of the most effective methods of increasing the competitiveness of today is a reduction in internal costs, through the replacement of manual labor by automated lines. Correctly adjusted technological process of production provides constant control over the quality and allows you to set competitive prices for the end product.

Ergonomic design and construction of our containers meet the requirements of manufacturers of packing equipment and allow you to easily use containers Perint on various automated modules.

Packing containers Perint satisfy the basic requirements for their use at the weighing-and-packing machine:

1. The possibility of folding in the foot with minimum steps and guaranteed little effort retrieve packages from the foot.

2. Guaranteed effort to lock the cover on the body during automatic closing.

3. Folding lids in high firm foot in the absence of adhesion between the covers.

4. Many other containers has a circular «collar-focus», the same diameter for a family of of the packages of different capacity, for the effective closure.

In accordance with your wishes our specialists will select a suitable packaging of our product range and will provide assistance in selection of suppliers of automated lines.

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