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Individual design

Design and development of the products, technical innovations and optimization of existing production is implemented by the specialists of the design and the engineering Department.

The know-how and purposeful creativity of own designers is implemented by 3D-CAD/CAM system and rheological research to find moulding points.

The obtained complex data necessary for mold manufacturing, guarantee normal functioning of the end product. Parts, which are made for industries with the use of technical plastic parts, such as housing for household appliances, electronics and electrotechnical industry are developed according to the customer’s technical assignment.

Choose color

We offer our customers modify packaging, making it an individual using the wide range of colors available in our range. All dyes are harmless, have hygienic certificate and allowed for the production of food packaging.

Choose form

When designing products, we are guided by the client’s requirements, market trends, conditions of operation and the production technology. In dialogue with the client we find the most convenient and easiest way to solve the problem. All of the innovative solutions, reflected in new products, are protected by patents. In the asset of the company «Perint» already more than 10 patents.

We can offer to our customers:

  • Economic assessment of the project;
  • Product design and engineering ;
  • Selection of technologies;
  • Selection of raw materials, dyes.
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