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In-mould labelling

Its name labels in-mould received from the process of decorating plastic containers, IML (In Mould Labeling). Decorating container label in-mould occurs during forming (casting) the polymer melt from the container in a special mold. Robot pre label is placed in a mold and then pressurized to form a polymer melt is fed, which is formed from the wall or the cover of the future container. Thus, located inside the mold label in-mould fused to the container wall at the time of its formation. The output is a ready-made, pre-decorated labeled plastic containers, ready for use.

IML – a high-tech process, which resulted in one production cycle you get a finished product with a high resolution image. Today In-Mould-Label actively penetrates into all areas of production, which uses containers and other plastic products.


  • product manufacturing and applying labels are aligned in time,
  • high precision placement of labels,
  • possible printing process labels on non-rigid containers (for example, the entire lateral surface of the rectangular container),
  • possible printing process labels on non-rigid cover with a protruding collar,
  • between the molding of containers and fill it no contact with human hands (“clean” technology),
  • process flexibility,
  • sustainability labels to moisture, fat, temperature, scratch, microwaves, etc.
  • resistance to abrasion and break away from the container.
  • 100% protection against counterfeit products.
  • preferential appearance of products compared with other types of labels.

Our company uses robots companies such as Beck (Switzerland), Star (Japan), TecnoMatic (Italy).

Video of the robot:

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