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Containers for biomaterials

Containers for biological materials made ​​from ultrapure transparent polypropylene screw cap fitted, which protects the container from leaking, as well as inhalation exposure. This ensures full integrity and safety of biological material during transportation.

For convenience, a transparent wall of the container provides special frosted window to record the necessary information about the patient, or on a sample. Each container is equipped with a measuring scale.

Containers include both unassembled (body and lid are packaged separately), and in assembly. The latter may be presented to a group or individually packed.

The procedure for using containers defined by the rules of the specific types of research. The use of containers does not require special training. On bacterial status of aseptic containers, or bacterially clean for production. An additional sterilization containers using gamma radiation

For the disposal of used containers dry heat treatment: autoclaving or incineration in furnaces.

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