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Thirty years of experience has made the St. Petersburg company a trendsetter on the Russian plastic packaging market: all the basic Russian national industry standards, as well as the main types and sizes of containers, are developed in Perint. Today the company has mastered more than 100 types of products for various industries.

The main advantage of Perint’s packaging is its highest quality. This is confirmed by certificates of compliance of the food safety management system in force in the company with the requirements of ISO 22000 and ISO 13485 standards.
For the production of packaging our company uses only environmentally friendly raw materials and dyes that are allowed for food production and meet the hygiene requirements of HACCP. Our packaging can be used at all stages of the customer’s production cycle, including product manufacturing, packaging, storage, transportation and sale. The packaging is also suitable for automatic production lines.

The plastic packaging is made of polypropylene – the most environmentally friendly raw material for today. This material has an increased impact resistance, is able to withstand temperatures from -40 ° C to + 110 ° C, does not emit harmful substances when heated, is resistant to use in microwave ovens and the action of active chemical elements.

The company’s capabilities make it possible to produce packaging of any shape and size: we have a huge variety of already made molds or create a new one in case of customer’s request. Our range is more than 60 standard sizes, starting from small containers for sauces to buckets to large volume containers. We produce packaging of various shapes: rectangular “cubes”, oval “boats”, round “washers” and “buckets”. The design bureau of the company has developed models of universal containers, sealed containers and special packaging for cosmetic products.

All packaging has the following properties:
- reliable tightness,
- high strength,
- light weight,
- Increased ergonomics.

There is a huge variety of goods delivered on the stores’ shelves, and one of the basic criteria for choosing your product by the final consumers is a beautiful package. Multi-colored containers from CJSC “Perint” will make any product attractive. In addition, Perint CJSC was one of the first companies in Russia to master and introduce modern IML (In-Mold-Labeling) technology, which allows applying to all types of packaging an image of any complexity and color.

The main customers of our products are:
- fish processing enterprises,
- confectionery productions,
- producers of honey;
- production of semi-finished and ready-made meals,
- pet food factories,
- oil and fat industry enterprises,
- paint and varnish industry enterprises,
- manufacturers of household chemicals,
- manufacturers of cosmetics.

Plastic packaging for today is admitted as the most environmentally friendly. At the international conference on climate in Le Bourget, France, it was proved that innovative technologies and the correct choose of application make the polypropylene package harmless for the environment. The packaging of JSC “Perint” complies with all environmental safety requirements: all products are developed and manufactured taking into account the requirements for disposal, and all containers are subject to recycling.

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