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About us

Company’s Mission

Orientation of production and marketing of a wide assortment of articles made of plastics, making the everyday life of people convenient. Continuous improvement of life quality for workers, contractors and partners, creation of comfortable conditions for work with the company on the basis of mutual benefit, honesty and transparence in relations; creation and supporting of long-term relations with workers, contractors and partners.

Company’s values:


- each employee of CJSC Perint introduces his/her own contribution in the company development: any idea may become the point of measurement;


- CJSC Perint supports and widens connections with customers interested in high-quality products and honest long-term partner relationships.

- Many people participate in the everyday work of CJSC Perint, starting from designers to quality inspectors. All of them work consistently to achieve the main aim – to create a fine and functional final product.

Technological effectiveness

- CJSC Perint uses the most modern scientific and technical methods and measures in its activity, improving constantly the technological process of production for achieving an ideal balance between the price and the quality.

- CJSC Perint introduces modern information and communication technologies in order to provide maximum efficiency of communication both within the company and with business partners, regulatory bodies and final consumers.

Ethics (or punctuality)

- CJSC Perint realizes all planned measures in all spheres of the company activity just-in-time and observes its responsibilities for all partners rigorously.

- Each employee of CJSC Perint tends to perform his/her work qualitatively, efficiently and before the set time frames. It promotes quick development of the company and its high competitiveness at the external markets.

About Company

CJSC Perint is one of the leaders of the Russian market of packing products and the most significant enterprise at the RF North-West, reprocessing plastics by the method of injection casting under pressure.

CJSC Perint produces plastics packing units, including packages manufactured according to the IML technology, articles made of plastics for medical usage and plastics articles of technological purpose for automobile, construction and energy branches of industry. More than 100 product names are included in the assortment scale. Every year CJSC Perint designs, introduces into production, and presents to customers up to 10 new products, realizing the policy of import substitution in practice.

Today CJSC Perint owns all possibilities for efficient growth and development:

- four production workshops with the total area of 6000 sq. m.;

- the park of modern equipment contains 70 automatic molding machines, including 40 robot-manned lines;

- the average age of equipment is 5 years, maximum;

- own design office and design studio;

- own instrumental production;

- wide internal dealer network, covering all big cities of Russia;

- the team of highly qualified workers and specialists;

- the warehouse with automated loading of ready products;

- convenient geographic location near basic highways and rail roads.

“Since the moment of producing the first container and until this day, CJSC Perint has been a trend setter at the market of Russian packing. The success of our company is based on the initiative, creative approach and deep understanding of customers’ needs. The global aim of our work is generation of new ideas and setting higher standards of maintenance, product and service quality”.


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