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Maintenance and repair of press-forms

Press-form is a key element in the process of production of plastic products, at the beginning of which is the idea of issue of plastic products, and the result is – batch production, and the desired sales of finished products;

The Efficiency of press-forms depends not only on its design features, but also favorable operating conditions. To increase service life of press-forms is possible at the expense of permanent control of the work of the equipment, competent and timely preventive maintenance.

A high qualified specialist staff, a modern equipment park, advanced technical solutions usage-all of it let us offer to the customers a full range of services of manufacturing, support and repair of the mold tools.

All the enterprise’s press-forms are pre-defected, which includes visual inspection forms, including verification of the system of hot channels and cooling system. Then there is the preparatory work on the adaptation of press-forms for injection equipment. In the absence of obvious defects and successful adaptation, press-form passes preliminary tests on molding equipment.

In the passport of the press-forms are made technical characteristics, shall be drawn up routine inspection and scheduled repairs.

Urgent repair of press-forms is carried out without any delay, that considerably saves time and money of our customers.

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