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Rheological studies

Prior to the manufacture of mold tools necessary to analyze the volume filling of molds for the detection of potential causes deformation of finished products.
For fast and efficient detection of any faults of molds in the design phase of the program can be used programs for molding modeling.
Used 3 modules of the programs:

1. Analysis of the injection, holding pressure and exposure to cooling thermoplastics (flow analysis)
Objectives: Building a finite element model for the “middle line”; converting CAD-model in the model Moldflow; optimization of the thickness of the product; choice of places intake, analysis and forecasting occupancy underfilling, preventing burrs, and other cold-junction defects, determining the position of weld lines and air traps and the optimization of the gating system (cold runners, hot runner, mixed) with automatic 3D-balanced runner, the calculation of volumetric shrinkage and sink marks, the calculation of cycle time optimization of process conditions injection, holding pressure and exposure to cooling; valuation of technical solutions, selection and replacement material (on process parameters), the choice and replacement of injection molding machines, analysis of the causes of marriage

2. Analysis of shrinkage and warpage.
Objectives: The calculation of the longitudinal and transverse shrinkage warpage calculation, identify and address the causes of warpage, the calculation of residual stresses

3. An analysis of the cooling of the mold.
Objectives: The calculation of the temperature of forming surfaces, optimizing the design of the cooling system of the mold and the optimization of the cooling process, the choice of the thermostat.

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