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Instrumental Production

Perint has its own instrumental production as well as the design office. This factor is a significant competitive advantage among the variety of other players at the market of plastics articles production.

We provide the following services in the area of metal finishing:

    • piercing electrical discharge machining (X-Y-Z 400-300-200mm)
    • laser welding and weld deposition (diameter of light spot – 0.1 – 0.3 mm)
    • turning machining (diameter of machining is up to 440 mm)
    • milling processing (X-Y-Z 1530-650-610mm)
    • Surface grinding ((X-Y 1550-810mm)
    • cylindrical grinding (the diameter of grinding is up to 320 mm, the length is up to 700 mm)
    • polishing of parts

Our company has a park of modern equipment from leading world manufacturers. This equipment provides a possibility to perform such works as electrical discharge machining of metal, laser welding, turning machining, milling, surface grinding, cylindrical grinding,polishing of parts in the course of producing press molds.

Production of plastics articles using press molds is a highly productive method of production. Designing press molds for production of plastics articles is realized at the first stage. At the end of press mold designing stage, it is possible to start its production. In the majority of cases steel is used as a material for producing press molds. Machining of blanks is performed using special equipment, which provides turning machining, milling of parts for the future press mold, surface grinding and cylindrical grinding of elements in the press mold and polishing of parts at the final stage of press mold production for plastics articles. All these stages of press mold production are executed using manual and programmed machines, installed in the instrumental workshop. Combining possibilities of our high-quality specialists and highly-precise equipment, we create press molds intended for casting plastics articles of the highest quality.

Thanks to usage of the most leading technical decisions, high-quality specialists as well as modern equipment, Perint can provide its customers with a wide complex of services for maintenance, repair and production of press molds. The high precision laser welding provides a possibility to perform repair and modification of the press mold within the shortest period of time without a necessity to appeal to any other companies.

The key element for production of plastics articles is a press mold. The first stage for starting new plastics articles is an idea of their production, then their serial production and marketing.

Our Company produces and designs press molds on the basis of FMEA typical procedures, which include the whole cycle of the article engineering. The FMEA standard procedures imply the following stages: economic evaluation of the article, its design, check of production effectiveness, development of cooling system, rheogoniometry (analysis of spilling)

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