Order, lot

What is minimal IML print run?
It depends on the cost you consider. The more items you order the less cost you pay. General print run is about 25000 items.
What is the minimal lot?
The minimal lot is one box.
Can I order certain amount of products?
Products are sold only in euro boxes. We will select the quantity that will be close to your request (for example, if you need a container with a 30ml lid for sauce in the amount of 1600 pieces, we will offer to purchase a euro box containing 1760 containers).
What if I am an individual?
If you are an individual, you can pick up products in several ways: 1) on your own from a warehouse in St. Petersburg; 2) by contacting our representatives (you can check the contacts with our managers)
What the minimal lot of color products?
From 10 000 pieces.
I haven't found the products I need in dealers’ catalog, what should I do?
Contact the dealer directly. If your item is out of stock, they can order it.

Products, manufacturing

What is manufacturing time of your products?
If the products you need are on stock you can get them within 2-3 days. Average manufacturing time of new ones is 20 working days. You can get all up-to-date information from our managers, pay attention that the time of delivering depends on demand and season.
What type of plastic do you use?
All package is made of polypropylene. Some of medical products (Petri dish) are made of polystyrene.
What is IML?
In-Mould Labeling is the type of label that permanently bonded to the finished product. More details you can read here.
Do you produce PET bottles?
No, we don’t for now.
What is the minimal/maximal volume of your package?
For now we have starting from 10 ml up to 2750 ml package, but we do customized package of any volume, shape and color.
Do you have an option of coloring products?
Yes. We can make a product of any color intensity, as well as transparent, transparent-colored, metallic. All dyes are harmless, have a hygienic certificate and are approved for the production of food packaging.
Do you produce molds?
We do. We produce molds in our own tool-room using foreign-made materials and modern equipment.
Do you send samples of your products?
We do.

Delivery, dealers, warehouse

Do you provide delivery?
You can pick up the products yourself from the warehouse or use the services of a transport company (please note that we do not cooperate with PEK).
Do you have a warehouse in Moscow?
We have a warehouse in Leningrad Region. In Moscow, you can contact our dealers.
What regions do you have dealers in?
Our representatives are in all major cities from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka, as well as in the CIS countries and Europe.
Do you have stock products at the warehouse?
Yes, more than 90% of products are in stock. Check with managers for updated information.


What is the cost of your products?
The cost always depends on the amount of products ordered and of its features.
If it’s customized molding then the price is calculating individually considering all your requirements for the product.
If you are interested in the price of the product that is in catalog then you can contact with our manager in any convenient way (phone, email, via website) or with our dealers.

Where can I get the price list?
You can contact our managers, describe your requirements and they send you price list.
Remain questions?